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Aviation Fueling Products

Cla-Val control valves, fueling nozzles, pressure couplers and fueling accessories play a vital role in fuel handling systems for both commercial and military aviation. Our extensive experience, innovative engineering and use of advanced technology have set the standard for automatic control valves and fueling equipment in the aviation industry.  Cla-Val Nozzles and associated equipment are installed at nearly every US military air force base throughout the world. Our commercial aviation fueling products can be found at major and regional airports around the globe. Click here to see where our products are used at commercial airports.

Applications include control of fuel at receiving facilities, storage tanks, fuel/water separation stations, distribution/circulation systems, mobile refueling trucks and aircraft hot refueling. From hydrant to aircraft, our proven design, based on more than 20 years of successful usage in military and civilian fueling applications, assures maximum flow and optimal performance of Cla-Val ground fueling products.

For Aviation Fueling Sales, please contact Mike Uffer at or 800.942.6326.

Click on "Commercial Aviation Fueling Products" or "Military Aviation Fueling Products" and then select a product type to gain access to product data sheets; installation, operation and maintenance manuals; application overviews and other technical documentation.

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