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Commercial Aviation and Ground Fueling Products

Cla-Val offers turnkey solutions for commercial airports, including a complete range of fuel system control valves and ground fueling equipment.  Click here to see where our products are used at commercial airports.  Read about our partnership with Parker Velcon for Commercial Ground Fueling product sales.

Commercial Aviation Fueling Systems

In fueling systems, each of our aviation fueling control valves perform a unique function in the system including flow limiting, surge protection, fuel shut-off, level control, back pressure control, pressure reducing.  Typical applications include:

  • Pump systems
  • Fuel receiving and loading facilities
  • Fuel storage tanks
  • Fuel-water separator stations
  • Fuel transfer piping
  • Hydrant systems
  • Truck fill stands
  • Refueling trucks

For Aviation Fueling System Product Sales, please contact a Cla-Val expert at or call 800.942.6326.


Commercial Ground Fueling Products

Our ground fueling product line includes underwing refueling nozzles, single-point adapters, couplers, hydrant pit valves, quick disconnects. These products are used at large and small commercial airports around the world to safely and efficiently refuel aircraft.

For Commercial Ground Fueling product sales, please visit Parker Velcon Ground Fueling.
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Commercial Aviation & Ground Fueling Equipment