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X143HP Case History #4
The X143HP was seen as a good alternative because the cost to tie into the nearby electric company power source would have been $10,000 plus the ongoing monthly usage charges

X143HP Case History #1
The valve was converted from hydraulic to electronic by installing the X143HP. The unit has been problem free since July 2009.

X143HP Case History #2
The altitude valve that was modified to add the X143HP had been operating trouble-free for over 20 years at the time of retrofitting and continues to provide level control at the reservoir in addition to generating power to operate the communications equipment

X143HP Case History #3
The X143HP power generator has been running trouble-free since it was retrofitted with an 133VF metering kit, providing the necessary power to operate the metering valve, enabling the customer to diagnose their water loss issues and mitigate problems within their system

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