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Technical Assistance / Training

Cla-Val has the technical know-how to assist in the design of your fluid handling system and identify the best valve for your unique applications.  From selecting the correct size and materials, to choosing the pilot system best suited to handle complex operational requirements, Cla-Val’s technical experts are ready to meet and exceed your expectations. 

In fact, many of Cla-Val’s product innovations available today are the direct result of collaboration between our team of valve specialists and customers, end-users or engineers seeking a solution for their unique application and project requirements.

Cla-Val’s knowledgeable salesmen are seasoned industry professionals with hands-on experience solving real-world operational challenges, backed by a team of engineers who have designed products that set the standard for excellence and innovation. 

Click on Contact Us to enlist the assistance of the Cla-Val Technical Expert nearest you.

Technical Assistance / Training