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Water Savings

Pressure Optimization is one of the key parameters that allow water distribution systems to operate at peak performance and one of the most reliable ways to save water.  Too little pressure renders a system incapable of supplying the needs of customers and compromises water quality. In the worst-case scenario, not having enough pressure hampers the ability to deliver adequate flow for fire fighting. Conversely, too much pressure leaves a system vulnerable to pipe breaks and background leakage.  Click here to learn about the BIG THREE strategies that make pressure optimization one of the fastest ways to start saving water.

Cla-Val Water Savings Valves are the ideal solution to effectively optimize water distribution pipeline pressure to achieve water savings. Click here to read more about the benefits of active pressure management.

Our Hydraulic Water Saving Valve - Model 98-06 - utilizes an innovative two-stage hydraulic pilot system that allows for two downstream set points: a high pressure set point for high flow demand and a low pressure set point for low flow demand.  The 98-06 valve automatically adjusts pressure across the valve to either low or high pressure settings depending on the current conditions , thus preventing the system from being under or over-pressurized.  This “pressure on demand” capability also ensures adequate fire flow. 

Advanced Electronic Pressure Reducing Valve - Model 390-07 has the capability of reducing the pressure in a system based on a flow/pressure profile that is loaded into a controller which will monitor flow and pressure and adjusts the valve according to a set of rules established by the system operator. Either model easily fits into any SCADA control system to allow remote adjustments to system pressures.


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