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139-10 & 639-10 Programmable Timer Control Valve

139-10 & 639-10 Programmable Timer Control Valve

[139-10 & 639-10]

Cla-Val Models 139-10 and 639-10 are on-off timer-controlled valves for applications requiring a programmable time schedule.  The valves' pilot system, featuring the programmable CTC-33 Electronic Timer Control, enables up to three opening and closing sequences per day and can be set-up for a weekly schedule.   

Product Features and Benefits

  • Precise Valve On-Off Control
  • Completely Self-Contained
  • Two Year Battery Life on the CTC-33 Timer Control
  • Retains Stored Data Even After Battery is Depleted
  • Direct Control of Valve Opening and Closing 3 Times Daily
  • Interval Timing Capable
  • IP68 Submersible 
  • Combines with Pressure, Flow or Level Control
  • Ideal for Remote Valve Location Control and to protect against stagnation in the pipeline

Timer function and parameters are changed using downloadable software from the Cla-Val website and special USB cable (part number 20519203A).  Future software and firmware upgrades will be available from Cla-Val website.  Powered by a long-life lithium battery, the CTC-33 control offers powerful valve control for remote locations and other valve automation applications.

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