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346GF Emergency Breakaway Coupling


The Model 346GF Emergency Breakaway Coupling (EBC) cleanly comes apart and closes both separated halves when an axial load greater than 200 ±-50 lbs. at 0 to 450 gpm is applied.  It is used by the US Navy at ground-based refueling facilities so that a pilot can drive/fly away from the refueling facility in case of emergency.

Advantages include:

  • Double Shut-Off Design
  • Lowest Possible Pressure Drop
  • Twin Stainless Steel Butterfly Valves
  • Pulls apart with 300 lb. Axial Force
  • Pressure Balanced Design
  • No Broken Pins to Replace
  • Re-coupled by One Person with no Tools
  • Robust Design for Long Life
  • Large Aluminum Drag Ring
Price Each: Call for Price