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850 Series

850 Series Refuelingand Defueling Pantograph

[850 Series]

The Cla-Val Model 850AF Pantograph is the ultimate aviation fueling device. Hard-piped to eliminate the liabilities associated with rubber hose, the Cla-Val 850AF Pantograph sets the industry standard for maintenance-free operation, higher flow rates, and design versatility in refueling systems.

The structural integrity of the Cla-Val 850AF Pantograph ensures maximum service life and maintenance-free operation. It is constructed of stainless steel piping and valves connected by rugged, multi-axis swivel joints for easy maneuvering.
Advantages include:
  • Maximum Protection Against Environmental Leakage
  • Higher Flow Rates and Shorter Refueling Times
  • Stainless Steel Piping
  • All Stainless Steel Non-Lubricated Swivel Joints
  • Heavy Duty Wheels and Casters
  • Galvanized Steel Support Structures
  • Spring Tension Counterbalances
  • Low-Profile and High-Lift Designs Available
  • Over 3,000 units in service world wide.
  • Manufactured in accordance to NATO STS-M standard.
  • Cla-Val Pantographs are approved for all US Air Force aviation fueling operations as prescribed by T.O. 00-25-172.  System Safety Engineering (SSEA)  
  • US Naval Air Systems Command and the US Naval Facilities Engineering Command. 
  • The Cla-Val PANTOGRAPH Model "Bottom Loader" is designed for bottom loading of all refueling trucks without the necessity of using hoses
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