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CM15M-BA3-3 Manual Control Valve


The Cla-Val Model CM15M-BA3-3 Manual Control Valve is used in local, adjacent and remote control stations in magazine and hangar deck sprinkling systems aboard military vessels. 

Complies with MIL-F1183
Cla-Val Magazine Sprinkling Valves are designed and manufactured for shipboard fire protection and hangar deck sprinkling systems.  These all hydraulic valves provide dependable, accurate and responsive performance while requiring little maintenance.  
The valves are built to the exacting standards of navies from around the world and built to last a lifetime Like all of Cla-Val’s marine products, our magazine and curtain sprinkling valves are shock and vibration tested and constructed of the finest materials, including castings produced in our US foundries in Southern California.
The quality of Cla-Val products is best illustrated by the significant number of our valves we have provided to the US Navy since the 1940s, making Cla-Val one of the most trusted names in the marine industry today.  
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