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Electronic Products

Cla-Val manufactures a variety of electronic products that enhance the functionality of our automatic control valves, including the all NEW UP-22D Universal Control Panel.  Click here to see the UP-22D Engineering Data Sheet.

Our Electronic Control Valves combine the efficiency of hydraulic control with advanced technology electronics to provide optimum waterworks control solutions.  The VC-22D Electronic Valve Controller further enhances control capabilities. 

Cla-Val Automatic Control Valves can be equipped or retrofitted with X143 Series Power Generators to provide power to operate an electronic controller, actuator, data recording or tracking devices, and communications equipment.

Cla-Val's line of data acquisition products gives you access to the information you need to manage your waterworks system including the X144 electronic flow meter and X117 Series Valve Position Transmitters.

Cla-Val electronic products can be used to communicate system performance data via your desired information technology including Internet, SCADA, Radio, GSM/Cell Phone, Satellite and Onsite Displays.

Click on a product type below or on the left to gain access to product data sheets; installation, operation and maintenance manuals; application overviews and other technical documentation. 

Electronic Products