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Controls and Accessories

Controls and Accessories

Cla-Val manufactures a complete line of hydraulic pilot controls that enable our automatic control valves to perform a wide range of functions in offshore fire protection piping systems:

  • Pressure Reducing
  • Pressure Relief
  • Pressure Sustaining
  • Pump Control
  • Solenoid Operation

Cla-Val also manufactures an extensive line of accessories that can be specified on a new valve or retrofitted to an existing valve.  These accessories either add functionality to your Cla-Val automatic control valve or afford an additional measure of protection for the valve and other pipeline equipment. Regardless of the pipelines conditions you are facing, Cla-Val has the features you need to optimize system performance.

  • X43 H-Style Pipeline Strainers for protection against pipeline debris
  • KO Anti-Cavitation Trim for protection against damaging vibration and cavitation
  • X101 Valve Position Indicators for easy visual valve position indication
  • X105 Series Limit Switch Assemblies send an electrical signal that a valve is in either a fully closed or fully open position
  • X141 Series Gauges provide a easy visual display of pressure conditions
  • X46 and X43 Strainers to prevent passage of large particles in pilot system tubing