Main Valves

Cla-Val Main Valves (or Basic Valves) are used as the basis for our line of fire protection valves.  There are a variety of configurations available, including:

  • 100G Full Port Deluge
  • 2100G Reduced Port Deluge
  • 100-01KO Hytrol with Anti-Cavitation Trim
  • 100-42 Roll Seal
  • 100-43 700 Series Tubular Diaphragm
  • 800GS Tubular Diaphragm 

Pilot systems are installed on the basic valves to add functions such as pressure reducing, pressure sustaining, pressure relief, pump suction control, level control, foam or water deluge and surge control.

All of Cla-Val’s basic valves are manufactured from the finest materials available in the marketplace.  For special material requirements, valve castings can be poured in our onsite foundries.

The diverse configurations, the extensive range of material options and the quality of the finished product makes Cla-Val Fire Protection Valves the most specified valves in the industry.  When protecting life and property, people count on Cla-Val.

100G & 2100G
Deluge Valves

100GS & 2100GS
Deluge Valves

100S & 2100S
Hytrol Valve

Reduced Port Valve

100GS Ti
Titanium Deluge Valve

Tubular Diaphragm Deluge Valve

700 Series Roll Seal Valve

Tubular Diaphragm Valve