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How Cla-Val's 210-FF Altitude Control Valve with KO Anti-Cavitation Trim met the challenge of cavitation during the tank filling process.  

Choosing the Right Fueling Nozzle

In the case of nozzles, the best quality products in the marketplace are those that are constructed of highly durable materials for optimum service life, designed for ease of connection and include a variety of built-in safety features.

Cla-Val's Modulating Level Control Valve with Flow Metering provides the Virginia town of Front Royal with an ...

Cla-Val recently had the opportunity to demonstrate our application ingenuity and advanced electronics capabilities in a project that will more than double production at Front Royal’s water treatment plant - going from 3 million gallons of water per day to 6.5 million gallons per day.

Cla-Val Electronic Pressure Management Valves give a Toronto neighborhood a winter free from pipe breaks

City of Toronto's minimum night flow pressure savings has exceeded 12 psi or a 20% reduction from a system without pressure management due to Cla-Val's 390-02 Electronic Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) equipped with a differential pressure transducer, a valve position indicator, a 133VF (e-Flow) flow calculator, and a Cla-Val E-Smart flow modulated controller.

Cla-Val Blending Valve Provides a Cost Effective Way to Meet the New Arsenic Rule Requirements for Drinking Wa...

A combination of Cla-Val automatic control valves are installed on each drinking water system well line to control a blend ratio to maintain arsenic levels below the prescribed EPA limit.

High Tech Solutions for a Low Tech Problem

Cla-Val Model 133-11 10-inch metering valve and 131VC-1 electronic control was used to effectively return reclaimed water from nearby wastewater treatment plants to the San Sevaine channel for Tetra-Tech.;

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X143HP Case History #4

The X143HP was seen as a good alternative because the cost to tie into the nearby electric company power source would have been $10,000 plus the ongoing monthly usage charges

X143HP Case History #1

The valve was converted from hydraulic to electronic by installing the X143HP. The unit has been problem free since July 2009.

X143HP Case History #2

The altitude valve that was modified to add the X143HP had been operating trouble-free for over 20 years at the time of retrofitting and continues to provide level control at the reservoir in addition to generating power to operate the communications equipment

X143HP Case History #3

The X143HP power generator has been running trouble-free since it was retrofitted with an 133VF metering kit, providing the necessary power to operate the metering valve, enabling the customer to diagnose their water loss issues and mitigate problems within their system

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