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Cla-Val Electronic Valve Control Demo-labs

January 2003
Cla-Val Demo-labs
Volume 18-2

Cla-Val Electronic Valve Control
Demo-labs…now they’re wireless!

"Seeing is believing" is the old saying.

Water districts are making important decisions regarding the remote electronic control of valve stations and their integration into SCADA systems. They must be comfortable that the right decisions are being made – and what better way to do this than to see practical demonstrations of the latest control methods before the investment is made!

Cla-Val demo-labs have been busy lately, not only with the training of its traditional electronic control valves tailored to engineers, water district and instrumentation personnel, but also to demonstrate the new VSU series Valve Station RTUs which are designed specifically for valve stations.

These RTUs are wireless and are ideal for water districts as SCADA systems to automate their system.

The demo-lab is equipped with a variable speed pump and instruments for measuring and displaying pressure, flow, valve position, and differential pressure. In addition, these valve station parameters can be displayed and projected through a wireless system using Cla-Val’s new VSU series valve station RTUs. The VSU module communicates with the VSC Base Station module via Spread Spectrum Radio (SSR). This radio technology, formerly used in military only applications, requires no license, has no operating costs, and is relatively immune from interference with other radios operating on the same frequency. Simple Microsoft Excel-based software is used to communicate with the VSC to send and receive information from the remote VSU module.

The new VSUs are now in operation in Cla-Val’s home office in Costa Mesa, California. Installation of the wireless valve station RTUs in Cla-Val Canada and Cla-Val Europe demo-labs is now in process and is due to be completed this spring. To schedule a visit for demonstration, contact your Cla-Val representative, and "see for yourself!"