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Cla-Val ECO-Timer Flush Valve

January 2003
ECO Flush Valve
Volume 18-1

Flushing dead end pipes with Cla-Val’s ECO-Timer Flush Valve
No power? No problem!

Clean water, we all expect it from our taps.Water districts go to enormous lengths to ensure that they meet all drinking standards at the source. However, once it is introduced into the water distribution system, water treatment levels can begin to degrade and protection diminishes. Most of the time, this is not a problem, but in distant parts of the distribution system, there may be dead end pipes with low demand. During low flow periods, the chlorine level may drop to dangerous levels. Flushing crews can periodically eliminate this "dead end water", however, this is wasteful and expensive. What is needed is a way to automatically get rid of this "dead end water".

Cla-Val provides a simple solution using the ECO-Timer Valve Controller. It opens and closes a Cla-Val flushing valve periodically to ensure water quality improves to adequate levels. When dead end pipes are at locations where power is not easily accessed, the Eco-Timer and flush valve are a perfect fit due to this being a battery operated unit. Each ECOTimer is mounted on or near each valve and sends a pulse to a latching solenoid. The solenoid shifts and remains in the open or closed position without continuous power. This enables water districts to easily add flushing valves to locations where the problems may occur.

Programming the ECO-Timer controller is done in minutes by downloading a flushing schedule from a handheld programmer. No cables or connections are required for programming because it uses wireless infrared communications. Just point the programmer at the controller to download the schedule to each controller. Only one programmer is needed to program any number of ECO-Timer valve controllers. Flushing may be programmed for any day of the week and for any length of time in minutes. Up to 4 cycles per day are possible. Schedules for multiple valves may be offset to prevent system pressures from dropping excessively.

A typical installation consists of a Cla-Val ECO-Timer flushing valve discharging into an underground drain. The valve may be installed with a ball valve on a body port to enable sampling of water quality during flushing to determine the length of flush time required to maintain proper chlorine levels in the system. A flowmeter can be installed to monitor the amount of flush water. With the valve installed underground, access points are eliminated to prevent theft and improve security.

Worried about changing batteries every few weeks? With three "C" sized batteries in each ECO-Timer controller there is enough capacity to operate the valve one cycle per day for a minimum of one year. In addition, the battery level may be checked visually by pressing a "test" button. Alternatively, the battery level percent of capacity may be uploaded and displayed on the programmer unit. In many cases, batteries will not require changing more than once every 2 years. A special magnet may be used to manually activate the valve at any time if needed.

  • Easy to install, program, and maintain
  • Maintain chlorine levels on dead end mains and other low flow areas
  • Simple, reliable, and accurate
  • Control water waste with no hydrant flushing
  • Reduced labor cost - no supervision