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Cla-Val Remote Control Filter Valves

November 2002
Cla-Val Remote Control Filter Valves
Volume 17-6

Remote Control Filter Valves

• Simple Pilot System Offers Flexibility for Modifications
• Suitable for Low Pressure Applications
• Superior Throttling Characteristics
• Low Maintenance

For many years Cla-Val has supplied the ultimate solution for the automatic control of pressure filter systems. Our Hytrol valves control the various filter processes day in and day out with precision and reliability. Right from the raw water inlet to the finished product Cla-Val has it all under control. Conventional filter control using standard butterfly valves present many draw backs that can be over come using Cla-Val Hytrols (single chambered) and Powertrol (double chambered) automatic valves. First of which is the tremendous cost of the butterfly valve and the actuator. Diaphragm activated valves are much more economical for the same application saving thousands of dollars in valve costs on each project. Second our valves use the line pressure to open and close. The Butterfly valve requires a motor operator to overcome the line pressure. Higher power consumption demands add to the electrical system (transformers & wiring etc) and increases the overall operating cost of the system. Our valves only require a 6 watt 3-way solenoid for proper operation. In addition the motor operator prevents easy access to the rest of the filter system piping.

Consistent operation is another key factor for system operation. Butterfly valves have a tendency to leak after a short period of operation. The flat rectangular cross section rubber disc in our main valve assures an absolute drip tight seal year after year. Unlike other valves our main valves can be serviced in the line reducing cost and down time.

Another unique feature of the pilot operated diaphragm valve is the capability to incorporate multiple functions on the same valve. Many filter applications such as raw water inlet and backwash require on/off and flow control features. Butterfly valves have relatively poor throttling characteristics. No internal modifications are necessary in the   Hytrol Main Valve from on/off to throttling applications due to the control disc guide in the main valve. The only change needed is a simple plumbing change in the pilot system of the valve.

Low pressure filter applications like filter drain down, no problem. Our powertrol can do the job. This valve has an intermediate chamber under the diaphragm that allows an independent operating pressure to power the valve open or closed. The valve remains in a position regardless of diminishing pressure. Precise and positive action is achieved even at very low inlet pressures. We can also provide positive confirmation of valve position via single/dual limit switches or a valve position transmitter. Our dual limit switch assembly is actuated by the opening or closing of a Cla-Val control valve on which it is mounted. The valve position transmitter is an accurate monitor of valve position, which produces an industry standard 4-20 mA over the entire valve stroke.

Advances in electronics have allowed SCADA systems to become the dominant control scheme for water filtration systems. Keeping pace, Cla-Val has developed a comprehensive line of electronic control and metering valves for these applications. Our combination valves can provide hydraulic or electronic control and a flow calculation without a meter. This flow signal can be retransmitted back to the system operator for information purposes. The flow metering feature can be provided on new applications such as filter backwash. Existing systems with Cla-Val products can be modified (not replaced) to include this new technology. So as you can see Cla-Val has the right valve for every pressure filter system application. From raw water inlet, effluent control, rinse, backwash, air wash, drain down, air pressurizing, slow refill inlet and permanganate fill control.


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