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Case Study

X143HP Case History #4


Case History
Cla-Val X143HP Hydro Power Generator Installation


Customer Type: Municipal Water Utility - Southern California
Location of Installation: Underground Vault - Pressure Reducing Valve Station with existing 2” and 4” (1 ea.) Cla-Val Model 90-01 Valves
Cla-Val Contact: Roger Lah • [email protected]
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Application Description:

  • The X143HP Generator was installed in late June 2010 to provide site power for a chlorine analyzer at a pressure reducing valve station in an underground vault uphill from a residential community
  • The vault was chosen as the installation site for the chlorine analyzer because operators felt they would be able to get the most accurate readings there, but needed power to run the equipment
  • Because the vault has a tendency to flood during heavy rains, there was also a need for a sump pump to keep the vault dry enough for the analyzer to work properly
  • The X143HP unit replaced a solar power system from which panels had been stolen less than 24 hours after installation
  • The X143HP was seen as a good alternative because the cost to tie into the nearby electric company power source would have been $10,000 plus the ongoing monthly usage charges
  • Within 10 minutes of start-up, the generator was producing 150 watts of power and the battery, in which excess power would be stored, was completely recharged
  • The X143HP control panel was installed in the existing, locked solar power system enclosure above ground thus providing a secure location for the new equipment, while the remainder of the power generation system was located below ground away from potential theft and vandalism


Equipment powered by the X143HP:

  • Chlorine analyzer
  • Sump pump


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