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Case Study

X143HP Case History #3


Case History -

Cla-Val X143HP Hydro Power Generator Installation


Customer: Municipal Water District in Northwestern US
Location of Installation: Underground Vault Pressure Reducing Valve Station
Cla-Val Contact: John Link • [email protected]
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Application Description:

  • The Sales Agent approached this customer to be a test site for the X143HP and learned that they had interest in installing a metering valve because their distribution was losing about 20% of their produced water
  • Based on the application, 24 VDC power was required to run a metering valve but the site did not have power
  • The site has an existing 10” 90-01 and 3” 90-01 Pressure Reducing Valves (PRVs) that could be utilized for the X143HP Power Generator installation
  • Instead of adding an external meter at the PRV site, the 10” valve was retrofitted with an 133VF metering kit


Equipment Powered by the X143HP:

  • Metering Valve


Project Notes:

  • The valve retrofit and X143HP installation was completed in late January 2009
  • The power generator has been running trouble-free since then, providing the necessary power to operate the metering valve, enabling the customer to diagnose their water loss issues and mitigate problems within their system


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