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Case Study

X143HP Case History #2


Case History -

Cla-Val X143HP Hydro Power Generator Installation


Customer: Municipal Water District - Southern California
Location of Installation: Underground valve vault 3 million gallon storage tank/reservoir
Cla-Val Contact: Roger Lah • [email protected]
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Application Description:

  • An existing 10” Altitude Valve Cla-Val 210G-01 used for level control at valve vault at a 3 million gallon municipal water storage tank was modified to add the X143HP Hydro Power Generator
  • There is also a 10” PRV at the same installation
  • The X143HP was installed on the altitude valve to generate power to operate communications equipment between the reservoir and the customer?s SCADA system via an existing RTU located at the tank site


Equipment Powered by the X143HP:

  • RTU and radio equipment


Project Notes:

  • The valve site had previously been powered by a solar power system near the reservoir but it was constantly being vandalized and was proving to be an unreliable source of power
  • The altitude valve that was modified to add the X143HP had been operating trouble-free for over 20 years at the time of retrofitting and continues to provide level control at the reservoir in addition to generating power to operate the communications equipment
  • The customer elected to utilize six batteries that had been a part of the reservoir site’s solar power system to store excess power generated by the X143HP

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