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Case Study

X143HP Case History #1


Case History

Cla-Val X143HP Hydro Power Generator Installation

Customer Type: Municipal Water Utility - Northwestern US
Location of Installation: Irrigation Canal - For Seasonal Use
Cla-Val Contact: John Link • [email protected]
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Application Description:

  • Existing vault with 6” 50-02 Pressure Sustaining Valve
  • Valve sends excess water into an irrigation canal
  • There was no power at the valve site so Operations personnel had to drive 12 miles each way out to and back from the site each time the valve needed to be operated
  • They wanted to control the valve using SCADA
  • The customer purchased a CRL-33 Electronic Pilot to control the valve
  • They had installed an RTU with a radio and were about to install solar panels to power the equipment but elected instead to utilize the X143HP for site power
  • Two batteries are being used at the site to provide 24 VDC power to operate the site equipment


Equipment Powered by the X143HP:

  • CRL-33 Electronic Valve Pilot
  • RTU and radio equipment
  • Automatic flush valve


Project Notes:

  • The valve was converted from hydraulic to electronic and the X143HP was installed in July 2009
  • Installation was performed by City Operations staff
  • Installation went very well and very quickly
  • The unit was started up and has been in operation since July 2009
  • The only operational issue that has arisen at the canal installation was the Y-strainer upstream of the generator often became clogged because of the quality of the water in the irrigation system. The situation was resolved by installing an automatic flush valve on the strainer.


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