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Cla-Val Metering Valve Controller with Built-in Totalizer

December 2003
Built-in Totalizer
Volume 18-7

Keeping Track

Cla-Val Metering Valve Controller with Built-in Totalizer

  • Two Instruments in one
  • Scalable in thousands or millions of gallons
  • SCADA compatible retransmission of flow and total
  • Alarm output on preset volume
  • Reliable Stable Valve Control
  • Field Proven

Water districts are faced with ever increasing demands to account for their water usage. To monitor this information they must add flow meters and totalizing instruments. In some cases the flow or total volume may need to be controlled with an automatic control valve. Doing all of this typically requires several instruments. What is needed is an instrument that is capable of doing it all.

To meet this need Cla-Val introduces the 131VC-3T. The same reliable metering valve controller as the 131VC-3 with an added instrument inside – a totalizer. No longer is a separate instrument required to convert flow into total gallons. The total volume is internally calculated and continually updated to provide an accurate readout locally or remotely through the SCADA system.

The totalizer is scalable in thousands of gallons (KGL) or millions of gallons (MGL). It is adjustable to an upper limit of ten billion gallons. Units in liters may be selected instead of gallons. The totalizer can be reset at the controller locally or through the SCADA system (requires digital input option). Both flow and total may be retransmitted through SCADA for monitoring purposes. A security code may be entered to prevent unauthorized tampering and resetting of the total flow (and any other parameter).


Volume Control

Many applications require that an alarm trips if a preset volume is exceeded. If the controller is ordered with alarm output then it may be programmed to trip if a preset volume is exceeded. This output may be used for monitoring purposes or to close the valve if controlling volume is desired (digital input option required). Filling reservoirs tanks or pipelines with a preset volume are typical applications where this might be used.

The new 131VC-3T controllers are now shipping and replace the older model 131VC-3. They are clearly identified by the label on the front face of the controller. The manual has been updated and the new totalizer programming features are marked with the symbol.


A microprocessor chip is available in a conversion kit for upgrading existing 131VC-3 controllers. Contact Cla-Val for ordering information and details.