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Case Study

X143HP Case History #4
Location of Installation: Underground Vault - Pressure Reducing Valve Station with existing 2” and 4” (1 ea.) Cla-Val Model 90-01 Valves
X143HP Case History #1
There was no power at the valve site so Operations personnel had to drive 12 miles each way out to and back from the site each time the valve needed to be operated
X143HP Case History #2
An existing 10” Altitude Valve Cla-Val 210G-01 used for level control at valve vault at a 3 million gallon municipal water storage tank was modified to add the X143HP Hydro Power Generator
X143HP Case History #3
The Sales Agent approached this customer to be a test site for the X143HP and learned that they had interest in installing a metering valve because their distribution was losing about 20% of their produced water