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Rubber-Flex™ Duckbill Check Valves

Rubber-Flex™ Duckbill Check Valves
A new, expanded line of Duckbill Check Valves round out Cla-Val‘s check valve offering. Available with a variety of end connections, RF-DB Series Rubber-Flex™Duckbill Check Valves are ideal for wide variety of applications, providing reliable performance exposure and the durability to withstand continuous exposure to corrosive materials.  

Applications include:
  • Waste water treatment plants
  • Sewer systems 
  • Potable water holding tanks, single in/single out only (including tank overflow pipes)
  • Pump protection (water hammer/valve slam)
  • Airport runways, parking lots, residential areas, commercial centers
  • Storm water Discharge
  • Flood Control Prevention 
  • Effluent Diffusers
  • Retrofit Systems
  • Mining Outfall and Tailings Pond Overflow Pipe