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380GF Sexless Coupler


The Cla-Val Model 380GF Sexless Coupler provides a means of coupling two hoses, or other components, together without the need to match up male and female features.  When connected, face seals ensure a drip-tight connection with the mating coupling.  When connected, couplings with ball valve shut off features cannot be disconnected when the ball valve(s) are in the open position.  

  • Created for tactical US Army Fuel Systems
  • Interchangeable with similar 2-inch couplings  manufactured by other suppliers
  • Sexless configuration is designed to mate with any two couplings, allowing for the connection of hose assemblies, regardless of the end fitting
  • Available with or without an integral ball valve
  • Safety interlock design
  • Flat MS flanges, Camlok fittings and NPT adapter connections available
  • Convenient lift-and-turn folding operating lever
  • Ball race swivel joint with low friction seal
  • 2 inch and 3 inch sizes available
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