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Foundry Overview

Foundry Overview

Cla-Val’s two onsite foundries enable us to meet the needs of our customers for quick turnaround for exotic or specialty metals and alloys, including Nickel Aluminum Bronze andSuper Duplex Stainless Steel.  Click here for a quick overview of our foundries.  

For a more detailed demonstration of our foundries' capabilities, click here to watch a foundry pouring operation.

Soundcast’s area of expertise is in producing castings for pumps, valves and other pressure-containing product lines. Our high quality, quick delivery and ability to produce a wide variety of complex castings in almost any grade of metal required makes Soundcast Company ideally suited to support the pump and valve industries.

Griswold Casting produces small, highly detailed metal components using the lost wax process.  The attention detail and the strong technical skills of our workers enable them to produce castings at a level of quality that is second to none in the industries we serve.  

Soundcast product quality is further assured through the implementation and adherence to an exacting Quality Assurance Program/Manual as well as a comprehensive Quality Procedure Manual.