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Cla-Val Provides Solutions to Operational Challenges

System Troubleshooting

Since the beginning, Cla-Val has been at the leading edge of automatic control valve design. Using Solid modeling and other advanced engineering tools, we continue to create products that ultimately become the standard in the industries we serve.

Waterworks Innovations
Our in-house Engineering and R&D teams have developed some of the most innovative product solutions in the waterworks industry, including the X143 Series Power Generator for valve sites without electricity and KO Anti-Cavitation Trim to protect valves and pumps from damaging cavitation.

Anti-Cavitation Trim
Anti-Cavitation Trim

Breach Control Valves
Automatic Breach Control Valve
Lifesaving Fire Protection products
Cla-Val’s Automatic Breach Control Valve is the direct result of Cla-Val Application Engineers working side-by-side with fire protection companies to develop a valve that keeps fire sprinkler systems working, even in the face of such catastrophic events as the 911 attack on the World Trade Center.
Products for Faster, Safer More Efficient Fueling
Cla-Val Aviation Ground Fueling Engineers have been instrumental in the design of a new breed of fueling nozzles and couplers that allow military personnel to safely and quickly refuel fighter jets in battlefield conditions.
Fueling Sexless Couplers
Fueling Sexless Coupler

Sprinkler Valves
Magazine Sprinkler Valve

Products Specifically for Shipboard Service
Our Marine Product R&D team continues to develop cutting edge products for use aboard aircraft carriers, destroyers and every other type of military ship, keeping crew and equipment safe from the ravages of a shipboard fire.

Whether you are looking for a solution to an age-old problem or for an entirely new approach to improve the performance of your fluid handling systems, Cla-Val has the expertise and resources to meet your needs.  Click Contact Us to locate the valve specialist nearest you.