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Cla-Val University (CVU)

Waterworks Operations and Maintenance personnel can earn training hours by attending Cla-Val University (CVU) located in Costa Mesa, California.  

Cla-Val University offers two levels of waterworks product training and one class featuring our fire protection products:

  1. CVU-101: This class covers the maintenance, repair and troubleshooting of Single Function Valves such as 90-01 PRVs and other commonly used valves
  2. CVU-201: This class covers the operation and function of Dual Function Valves such as Combination Pressure Relief and Sustaining Valves and other products with advanced functionality
  3. CVU-101FP: This one-day training class provides the necessary information to understand the capabilities and operation of Cla-Val Fire Protection Valves and associated products. Please click here to access the "interest form" and follow the email instructions.
Please note that:
  • CVU-101 is a prerequisite to CVU-201. You MUST complete CVU-101 before taking CVU-201.
  • Students are not eligible to take CVU-101 more than once. 

To register for an upcoming CVU-101 or CVU-201 class, click on the calendar below. 

Hotel accommodations (student's responsibility):
For those students traveling from outside the area,  the closest hotel to the Cla-Val factory is the Ramada Inn located at 680 Superior Ave., Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Contact the Ramada directly for reservations: Kristine Ekimyan ( or Andrea Figueroa at 949-645-2221