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Cla-Val University (CVU)

Cla-Val Unversity Announcement:

The Cla-Val University 2019 Class Schedule is now available. Classes fill up fast.  
Register today and let the learning begin!

Waterworks Operations and Maintenance personnel can earn training contact hours by attending Cla-Val University (CVU) located at our global headquarters/factory in Costa Mesa, California. Taught in a professional training environment, hands-on training provides Operations and Maintenance personnel essential knowledge on the installation, set-up and operation of products. Click here for class descriptions.

Cla-Val University offers two levels of waterworks product training and one class featuring our fire protection products:

  1. CVU-101: This two-day class covers the maintenance, repair and troubleshooting of Single Function Valves such as 90-01 PRVs and other commonly used valves
  2. CVU-201: This one-day class covers the operation and function of Dual Function Valves such as Combination Pressure Relief and Sustaining Valves and other products with advanced functionality
  3. Combination CVU-101/201: This three-day class covers topics as listed in items 1 and 2 above.
  4. CVU-301: This one-day class covers the operation, maintenance and troubleshooting of Cla-Val’s broad range of Electronic Products.
  5. CVU-101FP: This one-day class provides the necessary information to understand the capabilities and operation of Cla-Val Fire Protection Valves and associated products. Please click here to access the "interest form" and follow the email instructions.
Please note that:
  • CVU-101 is a prerequisite to CVU-201. You MUST complete CVU-101 before taking CVU-201.
  • Students are not eligible to take CVU-101 more than once. 
  • Students may not take the Combination CVU-101/CVU-201 Class if they have already attended the standalone CVU-101 Class. 

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