Cla-Val Control Valves

World Renowned for Performance and Reliability

Cla-Val is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of automatic control valves. From reducing and relief valves to deluge, air valves and more, Cla-Val manufactures and provides a wide variety of solutions for use in some of the world’s most demanding applications.


 Fire Protection



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Market Expertise

From the water you drink to the sprinkler system that protects you during a fire, chances are it passed through a Cla-Val product to get to you. We offer a rare depth and breadth of control valve product choices across a wide array of different industries. Markets we serve range from municipal waterworks, fire protection, fueling, marine, industrial, electronic and many more.

•  Entertainment venues and stadiums
•  Golf Courses
•  Ports and harbors
•  Agriculture and farming

•  Fossil fuel and nuclear power plants
•  Pulp and paper factories
•  Food and bevarage processing plants
•  Pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities