Cla-Val designs and manufactures a complete range of aviation fueling control valves for military fueling systems. Each of the valves perform a unique function in the system including flow limiting, surge protection, fuel shut-off, level control, back pressure control, pressure reducing.

Cla-Val’s military ground fueling product line includes underwing refueling nozzles, single-point adapters, couplers, hydrant pit valves, quick disconnects. They are especially well suited for hot refueling. Our products are used at military air bases around the world to safely and efficiently refuel aircraft.

Ground Fueling Components


Inline Pressure Control Valve

Hydrant Valves

Single Point Adapters


Control Valves

Main Valves

High-Level Shut-off Valves

Flow Control Valves

Back Pressure / Pressure Relief Control Valves

Filtration Control Valves

Control Valve Accessories

Remote Shutoff Valves

Truck Loading Control Valves

Pressure Reducing Valves

Differential Pressure Control Valves

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