Air Valves

Whatever your requirements are, Cla-Val has the air valve you need to achieve the most from your system.

Cla-Val Air Release Valves for water systems, Combination Air Release and Vacuum Breaker Valves protect your piping system by automatically eliminating air pockets and preventing vacuum formations from building up in the pipeline during filling or draining operations. Excessive air in a system can dramatically reduce capacity and increase power demand as pumps work harder to maintain the desired flow. In extreme cases, excessive air or vacuum formation can cause line breaks. The best way to protect your piping system from these negative conditions is to utilize Cla-Val air valves in the locations most likely to experience air or vacuum build-up: high-points in the pipeline, adjacent to pumps, in long pipe runs and at deep well installations.  

There are several configurations and a wide variety of materials to choose from depending on the particular application.

39 Series
Air Valves

High-Performance Air Release and Vacuum Breaker Valve

Well Service Air Release and Vacuum Breaker Valve

34 Series
Air Release Valve

35 Series
Air and Vacuum Valve

36 Series
Combination Air Valve

34WW Series
Wastewater Air Release Valve

35WW Series
Wastewater Air and Vacuum Valve

36WW Series
Wastewater Combination Air Valve

38VB/AR Series
Vacuum Breaker Valve

33VB Series
Vacuum Breaker Valve