Deluge Valves

Cla-Val Hydraulic and Electronic Deluge Valves provide superior performance and durability in the most critical of fire protection applications.  The electric/solenoid-operated Series 134 is an on-off valve that automatically opens upon receiving an electric to the solenoid pilot control to quickly fill fire protection piping.

Cla-Val Deluge Valves are available in a wide range of materials poured in our own onsite foundries for quick delivery. Constructed of the industry’s best quality materials, Cla-Val Deluge Valves meet and exceed applicable industry standards set forth by UL, ULC and FM International.

The 800 Series Tubular Diaphragm Fire Deluge Valve (TDV) is an in-line axial valve constructed of highly durable cast steel with stainless steel tubing and epoxy coating inside and out for maximum service life

Typical applications include:

  • Water cannon for water or foam fire suppression at flammable material storage tanks
  • Water curtain fire extinguishing systems for flammable materials storage tanks
  • Fire sprinkler system piping
  • Deck Integrated Fire Fighting System (DIFFS) for helipads
  • For use in conjunction with fire monitor systems at flammable material storage facilities 

100G & 2100G
Deluge Valve

100GS & 2100GS
Seawater Deluge Valve

Tubular Diaphragm
Deluge Valve


100G-UB Family


100G-UD Family

100G-UO Family

100G-UQ Family

100G-UP Family

100G-UR Family

100G-UT Family

100G-UU Family

Deluge Valves