Power Generators & Flow Meters

Power Generators

X143 Series Power Generators use the hydraulic energy in fluid distribution system piping to generate power. The X143IP and X143MP power generators are suitable for retrofitting to an existing Cla-Val Control Valve or can be specified on a new valve.

These innovative power generation devices are ideal for isolated locations and confined spaces where tying into the local power grid is either not possible or prohibitive in cost. 

Depending on the model, the units can generate enough power to operate onsite equipment such as electronic control valves, communications equipment or information capturing devices such as the X144 e-FlowMeter.

Intermediate Power Generator

Micro Turbine Generator

Flow Meters

Cla-Val X144 Series eFlowMeters include the new X144D with an LCD touch screen display is a vortex shedding insertion electronic flow meter designed to be retrofitted into a Cla-Val Automatic Control Valve to provide accurate flow measurement data without the need to install a separate in-line meter. This product was specifically developed for waterworks applications.

The IP-68 submersible electronic flow meter has minimal power requirements and is accurate to within 2% of full scale as verified by independent laboratory testing.

The Cla-Val Model X144D-AF-X e-FlowMeter is an electronic flow meter designed for retrofitting to a Cla-Val Automatic Fueling Control Valve to provide accurate flow measurement data.  It can also be specified on a new valve to add integral flow metering functionality to an aviation fueling system. This product was specifically developed for fueling applications.

with LCD Touchscreen Display

Flow Metering and Data Acquisition Package