Improving System Efficiency

Specify. Optimize. Retrofit.

There are so many ways to get more from your Cla-Val Automatic Control Valve. For new valves, it’s best to include add-on features like those listed below during the design and specification process. The next best is to add supplemental features at the time of order placement. For existing, installed valves, it’s never too late to retrofit or upgrade them to include new features and functions.

Cla-Val System Efficiency Enhancements

When you are facing an operational challenge, please consider the many accessories that can be included on your basic valves to enhance performance and get more from your investment in Cla-Val products.

  • X141 Pressure Gauges can be retrofitted to your existing valves to enable real-time access to pressure data
  • KO Anti-Cavitation can be retrofitted to your installed valve to provide superior cavitation protection without removing the valve from the pipeline
  • Add corrosion-resistant stainless steel tubing to ensure maximum durability and longer service life  
  • The X144 e-FlowMeter™ directly inserts into an installed valve to record real-time flow data
  • X145 e-Display used in conjunction with the e-FlowMeter provides easy access to valve flow rate, pressure and position data
  • X143 Series Power Generators use the pressure drop across a Cla-Val automatic control valve to generate enough power to operate valve site equipment such as lighting and sump pumps
  • 300 Series Electronic Pilot Controls can be retrofitted to installed hydraulic valves so that they can be remotely controlled through PCUs or SCADA systems

Click here to view all of the Value-Added features that can be specified or retrofitted to add function to your    Cla-Val control valve.