Valve Controllers & Position Transmitters

Valve Controllers

The Cla-Val valve controllers are designed to enable remote control of electronic valves in water plant or distribution systems. They can also serve as an interface between a SCADA system and other devices installed on or around the valve (such as the X144 e-FlowMeter). 

Cla-Val’s own Power Converter can be used when the existing power source and solenoids AC power. 

Universal Control Panel

Electronic Valve Controller

Electronic Pump Control Panel

Cla-Val Power Converter
for Valve Controllers

Valve Position Transmitters

Series X117 Valve Position Indicators are the simplest means of determining valve position. The Cla-Val Model X117D Valve Position Transmitter communicates through an industry-standard 4-20 mA output, delivering the accuracy required for computer-guided control valve systems (SCADA).
The electronic components are enclosed in a rugged, sealed aluminum and stainless steel housing. The assembly is mounted externally on the cover of a Cla-Val main valve. An extension of the valve stem projects outside of the cover at the center boss and is mechanically linked to the electronic components with an extensible wire rope. 
As the valve stem rises and lowers, the X117D provides an output signal in direct proportion to the position of the valve. An internal spring maintains constant tension on the wire rope for virtually no hysteresis error throughout valve stroke.

Valve Position Transmitter