Specialty Marine Products

Cla-Val also manufactures products that are unique
in either their design or in the way they are used.

These special products include the 22M Back Pressure Regulating Valve and X69 Proportioning Assembly, both of which are used in AFFF fire protection systems.

Cla-Val’s 134-05 Deluge Valve and Model 90-42 are ideal choices for shipboard fire protection piping systems and are designed and manufactured specifically for rigorous seawater environments.

A special Fueling Nozzle designed for use on aircraft carriers is equipped with all the features necessary for safe and efficient onboard fueling and defueling of waiting aircraft, including jets and helicopters.

Remote Sensing Lube Oil Unloading Valve

Proportioning Assembly

Back Pressure Regulating Valve

Deluge Valve for Seawater Service