Filter Separator,
Void Filling & Check Valves

Filter Separator Valves

Cla-Val Filter Separator Valves are used in aircraft fueling systems aboard military ships around the world to prevent water from contaminating aviation and diesel fuel. Cla-Val products used in theses systems include the 1626M Bottom-Mounted Float Control, the 100M1KR Remote Control Water Drain Valve and the 403 Slug Control Valve.

The ability to prevent water from contaminating aviation fuel is one of the most important functions in aircraft fueling systems and helps airborne catastrophes such as engine failure from occurring.

Water Drain Valve

Filter Separator – Fluid Pressure Aviation and Diesel Fuel

Filter Separator – Fluid Pressure, Aviation and Diesel Fuel

Void Filling

Cla-Val 240M Series Ballast Valves control the balance and buoyancy of surface marine vessels. Depending on sea conditions and individual ship requirements, Cla-Val hydraulically operated ballast valves open or close to fill or drain compartments to attain the desired level of buoyancy and to keep the ship in proper balance. They are also used to help facilitate the launching of small watercraft from a larger vessel.  

Hull-mounted and submerged, these rugged valves are constructed of top-quality Naval Bronze materials for long life and minimal maintenance.

Whether in the ballast system of an enormous aircraft carrier with thousands of crew members or smaller surface vessels, Cla-Val ballast valves perform with reliability and precision, backed by nearly 70 years of experience in the military marine industry.   

Ballast Control Valve

Void Filling Valve

Check Valves

A Cla-Val Check Valve is a key component in many military shipboard applications. They are available in a variety of configurations including diaphragm actuated, hydraulically operated, and “hy-check” styles. Our check valves are constructed of the finest materials, including Naval Bronze, and built with a level of craftsmanship that can only be attained by working hand-in-hand with naval shipbuilders and designers for nearly seven decades.   

Hy-Check Valve

Seawater Service Hy-Check Valve

Power Hy-Check Valve

81-07 & 681-07
Non-Slam Dual Speed Control Check Valve

Spring Loaded, Diaphragm Operated Lift Check Valve

Check Valve

10-Inch Check Valve

Hydraulically Operated Check Valve

Floating Ball Check Valve with Tank Sounding Table