Level Control Valves

Cla-Val Altitude Valves are used for controlling high water levels in fire reserve tanks and reservoirs without the need for floats or other devices. The valve remains fully open until the pre-set shut-off level is reached. This one-way flow valve is a key component in a proper function fire water reserve system. It is available in a variety of configurations and can be furnished with auxiliary controls to meet the need for multiple functions such as pressure sustaining pressure reduction, rate-of-flow control and solenoid override – all in one valve. Cla-Val Altitude Valves can also be provided with a check feature to help prevent return flow. 

124 Series Level Control Valves utilizes a float to maintain a constant liquid level in a storage tank. This modulating valve compensates for variations in supply or demand, controlling the flow into or out of a tank by either opening or closing on a rising level. The highly accurate 129 Series Level Control Valve also utilizes a float to maintain a consistent level in large diameter fire water storage tanks and reservoirs by admitting flow into the tank in direct proportion to the flow out of the tank. 

Float Valve

210-01 & 610-01
Altitude Valve for One-Way Flow