390-07 & 3690-07

Electronic Pressure Reducing Valve with Manual Bypass

Cla-Val Models 390-07 and 3690-07 Electronic Actuated Pressure Reducing Valve with Manual Hydraulic Bypass combine precise control of field-proven Cla-Val hydraulic pilots and simple, remote valve control. The 390-07 and 3690-07 Pressure Reducing Valves automatically reduce higher inlet pressure to a steady lower downstream pressure regardless of changing flow rate and/or varying inlet pressure.

These valves are ideal for pressure management because they can be programmed to minimum night time and optimum daytime pressures. This set-point scenario helps to prevent the pipeline from being over-pressurized during times of lower demand and makes the pipeline less susceptible to background leakage and pipe bursts.

Internal continuous electronic monitoring of actuator position results in virtually instantaneous position change with no backlash or dithering when the control signal is changed. In the event of a power or control input failure, the CRD-34 pilot remains in hydraulic control virtually assuring system stability under changing conditions. During SCADA startup and maintenance, the manually-adjusted CRD pilot control allows automatic hydraulic valve operation when no electric power is available for CRD-34. 

Electronic Interface Installation featuring the 390 Series Pressure Reducing Valve – 3D Animation