Automatic Fueling and Defueling Valve

The 302M Automatic Fueling and Defueling Valve is used in AV gas and jet fuel systems on CVN, LHA, LHD, LPD, LPH Class vessels. Available in size 2-1/2”, this flanged valve is built in accordance with MIL-F20042, Class 250.

Fueling is an integral part of everyday operations on aircraft carriers. The ability to safely and efficiently deliver fuel to waiting for aircraft depends on both the skill of the crew members and the reliability of the equipment they use.

Cla-Val’s significant experience in the ground fueling industry has enabled us to become a key supplier to the US Navy and naval fleets throughout the world. Our fueling valves, nozzles and accessories are built in the US by an experienced manufacturing team. Quality is assured by an extensive QC Program, that starts in the foundry and continues throughout the manufacturing process. That, coupled with the superior design of each Cla-Val product, ensures peak performance during the aircraft fueling process.