Air & Vacuum Valve

The Cla-Val series 34WW Water and Wastewater Air Release Valve is specially designed for sewage service. It will protect pipelines from entrained air or gases that collect at high points in sewage pipelines.  This valve effectively eliminates air from a system by releasing small amounts of air before large air pockets can occur. In extreme cases, the continued accumulation of air without release valves can actually stop flow completely. Increased power consumption and associated power costs can be anticipated if systems are not properly designed to release accumulated air.

Series 34WW Air Release Valves are typically installed at high points in pipelines and at regular intervals of approximately 1/2 mile, along horizontal pipelines.

Series 35 Air and Vacuum Valves should be installed at high points or at grade changes within the pipeline. Mount the unit in the vertical on top of the pipeline with isolation valve below each valve in the event servicing is required. A vault with adequate venting and drainage should also be provided.