Altitude Control Valve for Two-Way Flow

The Cla-Val Model 211-16 Altitude Valve using a CDS7 Control regulates the high water level in reservoirs without the need for floats or other devices. It is a non-throttling valve that remains fully open until the shut-off point is reached. This valve closes at a high water level and opens for return flow when the pressure at the valve inlet is less than the reservoir pressure.

This valve is hydraulically operated and pilot controlled. The pilot control operates on the differential in forces between a spring load and the water level in the reservoir. When the force of the spring is overcome by the force of the reservoir head, the pilot closes the main valve. The desired high water level is set by adjusting the spring force. The pilot control measures the reservoir head through a customer supplied sensing line connected directly to the reservoir.

For applications requiring delayed opening, please refer to Cla-Val Model 211-02 Altitude Valve with Delayed Opening e-sheet.