136-01 & 636-01

Solenoid Control Valve

Cla-Val Models 136-01 and 636-01 Solenoid Control Valves are on-off control valves that either open or close upon receiving an electrical signal to the solenoid pilot control. These valves consist of a Hytrol main valve and a three-way solenoid valve that alternately applies pressure to or relieves pressure from the diaphragm chamber of the main valve. It is furnished either normally open (de-energized solenoid to open) or normally closed (energized solenoid to open).

Industrial uses for the solenoid control valve are many and include accurate control of process water for batching, mixing, washing, blending or other on-off type uses.

The liquid level control can be provided by using a float switch or electrode probe which sends an electrical signal to open or close the valve as needed.