390-02 & 3690-02

Electronic Actuated Pressure Reducing Valve

Cla-Val Models 390-02 and 3690-02 Electronic Actuated Pressure Reducing Control Valves combine precise control of field-proven Cla-Val hydraulic pilots and simple, remote valve control.  Models 390-02 and 3690-02 Pressure Reducing Valves automatically reduces a higher inlet pressure to a steady lower downstream pressure regardless of changing flow rate and/or varying inlet pressure.

These valves are accurate, pilot-operated regulators capable of holding downstream pressure to a pre-determined limit.  The valves use a CRD-34 pilot control, consisting of a hydraulic pilot and integral controller, that accepts a remote set-point command input and makes set-point adjustments to the pilot.

The valves are designed to be used with supervisory control systems (SCADA), having remote analog set-point output and process variable upstream pressure input using the VC-22D Electronic Valve Controller as the interface. Cla-Val 390 Series Valves are an effective solution for lowering costs associated with “confined space” requirements by eliminating the need for an entry in valve structure for set-point adjustment. They are also ideal for pressure management and can be programmed to minimum night time and optimum daytime pressures.