98-06 & 698-06

Hydraulic Water Saving Control Valve

Cla-Val Models 98-06 and 698-06 Water Saving Valves use two downstream set points to achieve optimum system pressure; i.e. the capability delivering only the pressure that is needed to meet current demand.

A high-pressure set point is selected for high flow demand and a low-pressure set point is selected for low flow demand. This dual set point arrangement allows for a reduction in water consumption as well as unintentional water loss by keeping system piping from being over-pressurized during periods of low demand, such as at night. It does this without inhibiting adequate pressure during periods of normal (daytime), high or fire demand.

The 98-06 Water Savings Valve provides ” the best of both worlds” – adequate pressure to meet demand and maintain customer satisfaction, but not so much that pipelines become over-pressurized and subject to leakage and pipe breaks.