XP2F Data Acquisition &
Flow Metering Package

The Cla-Val Model XP2F is a Data Acquisition and Metering Package option available for any Cla-Val control valve. The XP2F is comprised of the X35 Data Module, the X117H Valve Position Transmitter, and two X141-PT Pressure Transmitter assemblies. This package turns your Cla-Val valve into an all-encompassing Instrumentation package that includes Upstream Pressure, Downstream Pressure, Valve Position, Instantaneous Flow and Totalized Flow.  When deployed across the system network the XP2F package allows for insight into pressure, leakage, flow and system distribution management. The Inlet Pressure, Outlet Pressure, Valve Position, Flow, and Totalized Flow can be retransmitted to SCADA or AMI System and logged to the Internal SD Card.