Tubular Diaphragm Relief Valve

The Cla-Val Model 850-20 Seawater Relief Valve is a pressure-operated, in-line axial valve. A tube diaphragm actuates the valve, which is comprised of three major components: 1) Tube 2) Barrier and 3) Body. There is only one moving part in the valve – the tube diaphragm. There are no shafts, packing, stem guides or springs.

Product Advantages:

  • Low Head Loss
  • One Spring for all Pressure Ranges between 30 and 200 PSIG
  • Cast Steel Construction
  • Pressure Excursions Do Not Exceed 3% of Set Pressure
  • Fusion Coated Epoxy Inside and Out
  • Anti-Cavitation Design
  • Nickel Aluminum Bronze Construction Option (Alloy C95800)
  • Duplex Stainless Steel Construction Option (Alloy 2205)
  • Low Maintenance
  • Simple and Reliable Operation