210-02 & 610-02

Altitude Valve for Two-Way Flow with Delayed Opening

Cla-Val 210-02 and 610-02 Altitude Valves control the high water level in reservoirs without the need for floats or other devices. They are non-throttling valves that remain fully open until the shut-off point is reached. These valves close at the high water level, and for return flow, delay its opening until the pressure at the valve inlet lowers to a preset adjustable pressure of one to seven pounds.

These valves can also be furnished with auxiliary controls to meet the need for multiple functions, such as pressure sustaining, pressure reduction, rate of flow control, solenoid override, etc.

Used on reservoirs where water is supplied and withdrawn through the altitude valve. The valve closes at the high water level. When the pressure at the valve inlet lowers to the desired opening point, the pilot control opens the main valve for return flow to the system.